What is the cost of wet wipes machine?

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Four Sides Sealing Wet Wipe Packaging Machine is designed as automatic production solution for sanitary wet wipes and make-up removing wet wipe and personal care wet wipe. It can be adjustable to fit to various packaging sizes,a perfect choice for OEM and ODM factory who produce different sizes of wet wipe products on one machine.

  • Four side seal single wet wipes making machine
  • Four side seal single wet wipes packaging machine
  • Four side seal single wet wipes production line


The four side sealing wipes machine is suitable for the production various kind of four-side sealing wet wipes/tissue, personal hygiene wipes, alcohol swabs/pads, disinfectant wipes, airline wipes, facial wet tissue, hand sanitizing wipes or makeup removal wipes.

  • Four side seal single wet wipes
    Four-side Seal Single Wet Wipes
  • Four side seal single wet wipes with hanging hole
    Wet Wipes with Hanging Hole
  • Alcohol pad
    Alcohol Pad
  • Alcohol pad
    Medical Disinfecting Pad


Structure: raw material loading device, tension device, folding device, forming device, bottom sealing device, online wetting system, automatic counting device, code printing device, packing device for finished products.

  • Wet Wipes Folding Shelf
    Wet Wipes Folding Shelf
  • Fold and Draw of Film
    Fold and Draw of Film
  • Paper Feeding Station
    Paper Feeding Station
  • Fold and Fill
    Fold and Fill
  • Adjustable Mould, Sealing
    Adjustable Mould, Sealing
  • Touch Screen
    Touch Screen